How Do I Switch My Subscription Type?

At some point, you may wish to switch your subscription type from one type of a subscription to another. This may be to change from a monthly to a yearly plan, between different types of yearly plans, or take advantage of better prices that may come up. 

Subscriptions though the iTunes Store: 
If you are subscribed through iTunes, please follow the instructions in this article: 
How to switch to a different subscription plan?

Subscriptions through the Google Play Store: 
With Google Play, changing subscriptions is not possible, so you will need to simply cancel your current subscription, and when it runs out, subscribe under a new price.
Note: You must wait for the current subscription to lapse in order to avoid getting double charged.

Subscriptions through the RP Portal (Stripe)
If your subscription was processed through our in-house portal (via, please follow the instructions in this article to make any necessary changes to your existing subscription: Switching Your In-House Subscription Plan

If you are not sure where you originally purchased your subscription please contact us

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