Does the RP Diet Coach app support special diets?

Yes! Whether it is your preference, of a food allergy, this plan offers extensive flexibility. YOU get to choose all food sources (within their allotted portions) from our list of recommended foods, so you can be sure to steer clear of anything you need to.

We have the following food filters: You can filter the list of foods shown in the app by enabling one or more of the following filters to match your dietary preferences. Only foods that match all of the selected filters will be shown.




Dairy Free

Foods that don't contain and aren't derived from dairy.

Gluten Free

Foods that don't contain gluten. Low gluten foods aren't included.

Grain Free

Foods that don't contain grain. Pseudo-grains are still shown as some people can eat them while eating generally grain free and the few that exist are easily ignored.


Foods that contain low levels of FODMAPs (Fermentable Oligo-, Di-, Mono-saccharides And Polyols). If only a small and carefully measured amount of a food would be allowed then we err on the side of caution and leave it out.

Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian

Vegetarian foods including milk and eggs.


Foods that are included on the Paleo diet. Opinions on what is "paleo" or not vary, we've done our best!


Foods that are included in a vegan diet. Since some people apply a standard of animal harm rather than excluding all animal derived products we err on the side of including these easily ignored foods to make things easier for those vegans who do want to eat these foods. IF you follow a strict Vegan diet, and are an athlete, please check out our Vegan Diet Templates

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