How meal check-ins work

When its time to eat your meal, you will be sent a meal check-in reminder. When checking in meals you can select; Roughly at macros" over macros" and "under macros" 

You can choose the "roughly at macros" option if you:

  • Ate the meal exactly as designed in the app.
  • Used the macros-per-meal values and got to within 5g of each macro. So for example, if your macros for the meal were 30g protein, 50g carbs, and 15g fat, you can mark the meal "roughly at macros" if you, say, ate a meal that was 25g protein, 55g carbs, and 10g fat or anything closer to the meal macros than that.
  • Combined the meal with another in-app meal or used macros for two meals in the app and combined them, coming within 10g of protein, carbs, and fats of the combination.

If the meal you ate was of much higher macros than the listed ones (more than 5g of protein, carbs, or fats above the listed macros), then you should select the "over macros" option to mark your meal as NOT eaten according to plan. If you were much lower than the listed ones (more than 5g of protein, carbs, or fat below) then you should select the "under macros" options. Do your best here, it doesn't need to be exact.

In other words, only mark your meals as "roughly at macros" if you eat the exact meal as instructed or make your own meal but with the macros being very close to the target meal. This way, your diet adherence score will reflect your actual diet adherence and help let you know if you need to be sharper on your diet to get the results you're looking for.

To disable meal check-ins check out this video: 

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