Will a high protein diet make me bulky?

No. Regardless of the food source, unless you eat more food than you burn in energy per day, you cannot gain weight, which applies just as much to a high protein diet as any other. If you’re on a fat loss diet, you follow the plan and you lose weight: there’s no way you can get bulkier. In fact, a high protein diet has been shown to be superior for building muscle, gaining strength, and losing weight, compared to a low or moderate protein diet.


What’s considered “high protein?”

  • 200-pound male- Greater than 140 grams of protein per day

  • 150-pound female- Greater than 105 grams of protein per day

Muscle and Strength Benefits:

  • Dietary protein stimulates the cellular processes that instigate muscle growth. Taking in adequate protein in a timely manner throughout the day maximizes the muscle building response.
  • Enhanced recovery after exercise, which allows you to train harder at subsequent sessions, ultimately driving more muscle growth and performance benefits over time.

Fat Loss Benefits:

  • Protein digests slowly and stimulates the release of specific hormones that signal the brain to make you less hungry, and ultimately makes it easier to follow your app.
  • By saving more muscle tissue as you lose weight, a high protein diet helps prop up your metabolic rate (which typically decreases during a diet), making fat loss faster.
  • By maintaining more muscle mass while dieting, you end up look shapelier and better at the end: who wants to put in all that hard work just to retain their former shape, only smaller?


A high protein diet helps suppress appetite, maintains hard earned muscle, and increase the number of calories burned: a winning combination for fat loss.

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