What are the best way to prepare and consume protein powders?

Although we are used to hearing about protein shakes being a simple mix of protein and water, there are certainly other great options: 

  • Oats: mix with cooked oatmeal
  • Yogurt: mix with Greek yogurt
  • Smoothie: mix into a fruit and yogurt smoothie
  • Protein Pudding: mix with peanut butter (melt for 15 seconds first) and a drizzle of water
  • Creamy Shake: mix with milk
  • Workout Shake: mix with a sports drink (to be consumed during training only)
  • Bake With It: cakes, cookies, treats and more.
  • More Great Recipes:

The container comes with a scoop, but how do I measure it? 

The recommendation in your diet plan is for grams in WEIGHT of total powder. Just weigh out the amount your app tells you for your shake or meal and that’s what you’ll use. It’s helpful to put your shaker bottle or Tupperware on the scale and hit “tare” before pouring in protein powder so that you can measure the weight of powder without just spilling it on your scale and then having to scrape it off.

To make things much easier, you can just eyeball the protein servings and fill up whatever fraction of the scoop you need. So if your whey protein has 24g protein per scoop and you need 20g, just fill it “almost all the way up,” and that will work just fine!

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