Why does the app recommend carbs at night?

These are all great questions!

Your carb recommendations are based off of several individual factors (provided by you in the app diet design questions), and specifically tailored to your goals and exercise habits.

Rest assured that your recommendations are carefully considered by PhDs in the nutritional and sport sciences, who have extensive experience with both the general population and with elite athletes aiming for enhanced performance and body composition.

What about at night? 

Eating carbs at night will not make you fat. The change in your weight is directly related to the relationship between the food you consume and the energy you burn. As long as you’re taking in less than you’re burning, you will lose weight. This is regardless of when you eat.

Weight Change = Calories In vs Calories Out

Several studies looking at carb distribution throughout the day in overweight individuals trying to lose weight demonstrated that skewing carb consumption to the latter half of the day (eating almost 80% after work) actually further promoted weight loss and reduced hunger during the day (which means increased adherence to the diet) compared to a group eating carbs evenly distributed throughout the day. This is not a reason to immediately begin only eating carbs at night, just further proof that the “no carbs after 6:00pm” myth has been debunked.

What’s most important is that at least some of your carbs are timed around exercising—which is already worked into your app. This will ensure they’re efficiently used as energy for your workouts, as well as used to replenish your energy stores immediately after exercise. This significantly reduces the likelihood of them being stored as fat.

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