An overview of RP’s 1:1 coaching

Thank you for your interest in our premier 1:1 diet and training coaching services!

We design custom diets based around your goals, schedule, and physical stats (weight, body comp, etc). We then use your feedback via 2x/week bodyweight updates to track and monitor your progress to ensure you stay on track towards reaching your goals. We’re there to answer questions, provide feedback, etc along the way throughout your coaching time with us.

The Renaissance Diet plans lay out a list of acceptable foods for each macronutrient (proteins, carbs, fats), as well as a list of low carb veggie options. This allows the client the freedom to choose their favorite foods, to help prevent boredom/burnout when it comes to dieting and eating the same things over and over.

Because each meal has multiple source options, choosing different foods yields slightly different calorie and macro amounts depending on choice. Peanut butter has extra protein, carbs, and calories that olive oil does not. This is why we do not lay out the total calories on a per day basis. These slight variances in food choices are already factored into the diet design created by us here at RP Strength.

We also lay out the macronutrient amounts on a per meal basis, based around the particular timing of your schedule. The coaching gets quite precise with the timing based around the information you provide to us in the questionnaire you fill out. It is for this reason that we suggest being as thorough as possible when filling out the questionnaire (the start up forms can be located on the contact page of our website).

Another great benefit of the diet coaching services is your ability to get our feedback as often as needed. We are happy to answer any and all questions you may have throughout the process. We also make all of the diet updates for you, and use your feedback to guide this process to help ensure you stay on track towards reaching your stated goals.

Please check out our diet coaching services, we recommend the Month-to-Month Diet Plan as it is our most popular product!

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