An overview of the RP Diet Templates

The RP Diet Templates lay out a list of acceptable foods for each macronutrient (proteins, carbs, fats) as well as for a list of low carb veggie options. This allows the client the freedom to choose their favorite foods, to help prevent boredom/burnout when it comes to dieting and eating the same things over and over.

We also lay out the macronutrient amounts on a per meal basis based around the particular timing of your schedule. The templates lay out different options for early AM training, late AM training, midday training, evening training, late PM training and for your rest days.

Along with that, the templates also lay out the differences between light, moderate, and hard training days (as the amount of food you would eat on each day varies along with activity).

The main RP Diet Templates also come equipped with built-in fat loss (or muscle gain if you choose that as your goal) phases that help you strategically work your way through a dieting phase. There are also built-in maintenance tabs to help you maintain your new weight after the dieting phase. 

Because each meal has multiple source options, choosing different foods yields slightly different calorie and macro amounts depending on choice. Peanut butter has extra protein, carbs, and calories that olive oil does not. This is why we do not lay out the total calories on a per day basis. These slight variances in food choices are already factored into the diet design created by us here at RP.

Our main product is the 1x/day templates that lays out your diet around 1 training session per day (as well as for rest days). We also have our combo package that includes 1x/day templates as well as training templates for 2x/day training.

The 2x/day templates are more advanced with new timing strategies for those athletes working out multiple times a day. These also include a new “fun” carb column that is based on the science of glycogen repletion. Dr. Jen Case has also attached a video and document going over glycogen repletion with the purchase of the 2x/day templates.

Please check them out!

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