What is the difference between the RP Diet App and the Simple Science Diet, and should I get both?

The Simple Science Diet offers an incredibly straightforward approach with no calorie counting, macro tracking, or complex calculations. It's ideal for both beginners and seasoned dieters who are looking for something simple, providing just two diet options and a simple measuring method. This method uses fists and fingers as measurement tools, tailoring portions to the individual, and focuses on whole, healthy foods across four daily meals. The template you receive is based on your general bodyweight range and sex. This super simple approach is accessible for individuals seeking a no-fuss dietary plan that's still personalized to their needs.

In contrast, the RP Diet Coach App caters to those aiming to maximize performance and aesthetics through a highly detailed, personalized approach. It provides a customized macro plan for users to follow and tells users how much of the foods they enter into the app will fit this plan. The app automatically updates your diet weekly, allows for more flexibility in meal frequency (3-6 meals), and includes features like barcode scanning and custom food entry for items not already in our database. While more complex, it offers greater precision and adaptability, ideal for individuals focused on optimizing their nutrition for specific performance or body composition goals.


As these are two very different approaches, only select the one that you think will fit your goals best, and stick with it for the duration of your diet! 

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