I entered a referral code, but was still charged full price!

There are some instances where users may experience an issue where they entered a referral code, but got charged a full price. There are also instances when users forget to enter a code or enter it in a wrong window or page. 

Often times,  users accidentally select a full price subscription after entering a referral code. After entering a referral code, as you can see from the screenshot, the referral discount price is listed on the screen along with the 2 or more regular price options. So users may select the non-referral price. 



In order to get this resolved, the regular priced subscription needs to be cancelled, and a new one must be started when the trial period is over. 

Note:  $9.99/month for 6 month promotion may only be redeemed once. 

For Cancelation Instructions Please click here: How do I cancel my Stripe subscription?

For Subscribing and entering a referral code click here: I have a referral code, but not sure where to enter it

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