Why are there meals scheduled during my sleep hours?

In some cases, users may see meals scheduled during the hours they should be sleeping. 

In these cases, you will want to make sure that your sleep is appropriately set for each day this is occurring. 
1. Look at the day in question. Make sure that;
     a) The sleep field (1) has the correct amount of hours you intended to set
     b) The sleep activity (2) are present at correct times. 



2. In these cases we recommend checking out the weekly view, because it is much easier to see that the sleep schedule is set to correct hours. In order to access the weekly view: 



2. Take a look at the weekly schedule and make sure that you do indeed have sleep set to the hours you are sleeping. (sleep is in blue) In this example, one can see what it will look like if sleep is missing. Screen_Shot_2021-06-21_at_2.17.14_PM.png

Please check out this quick tutorial which demonstrates how to properly set your sleep, as well as other elements of your schedule. 

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