I am subscribed, but the app is telling me that I'm not

There are many cases that may cause the app to not find your subscription. In this article we will look at the most common subscription issues and solutions. 

Getting stuck on a subscription screen

1. When your subscription cannot be found, you will be stuck on this screen when you try to use the app.  On this screen, simply click "Already Subscribed?" This should resolve your issue.



2. If step 1 does not resolve your issue, and you get to the following message please Please see the articles below that are specific to your device/operating system: 


iTunes Subscription Troubleshooting: I have an iTunes subscription, why can't I access it?
Google Play Subscription Troubleshooting: I have a Google Play subscription, why can't I access it?
Stripe/RP Direct Subscription Troubleshooting: I signed up though Stripe, why can't I access my subscription?



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  • Every time that I try to use the app it said that I’m not subscribe, but I get changed $14,99 in my credit card every month. I don’t know what to do


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