Simple Training Templates (FAQ)

Who are these templates for?

Anyone seeking to improve their overall shape and fitness without spending more than an hour or so at the gym per workout. Great for newer lifters, who've been weight training for no more than 3 years. (If you’re interested in more advanced and expansive programming, our Femaleand Male Physique Templates are designed for just that.) 

Check out this quick how-to video to get a feel for them! 


What equipment will I need for these?

The minimum equipment requirements are:

  • A barbell
  • Bench
  • Rack
  • Free weights

(all of which are / can support weight that will challenge you after 10 reps). 

If you have that basic equipment at home you can train there and skip the gym. There is no need for machines or any other "fancy" gym equipment. 


What are key differences between these and your physique templates?

These are as follows:

  1. Training Days: While the male physique and female physique templates can be used from 3 to 6 days per week, the simplified physique templates range from 2 to 4 sessions per week, making them great for users who can’t get to the gym as often.
  2. Beginner Program: Each of these templates comes with a beginner program that on-boards all first-timers to the training program, whereas the physique templates start right into the advanced program.
  3. Total Training Durations: The smaller number of working sets and shorter "between sets" rest times of these simple templates net out at total workout times that are under an hour for most sessions, compared to over two hours required by a good number of physique template workouts. Bonus: The shorter rest times in these templates also increasing their cardiovascular benefits!  
  4. Exercise Numbers: These templates have fewer exercises per workout than the Physique Templates, which were designed to give the more advanced user a very comprehensive training stimulus. These simple templates just focus on providing great workouts that aren’t overly long.
  5. Intensity Instructions: While the physique templates use a more complex, "progressive RIR" system, these use the same intensity range every week, keeping the workouts simple and easy to execute.
  6. Auto-regulation: The simplified physique templates tell you exactly how many sets to perform for each exercise in each workout. The physique templates require your feedback during every workout so that they can adjust on the go and tailor the program to your exact responses. This is a great benefit of the physique templates, but makes them more labor-intensive to use. These simple alternatives are geared for busy exercisers who don't require such precision, but are after faster, simpler results.
  7. Phasic Structure: The physique templates use a 3-phase periodization that ups their complexity, while these feature a single Long Term Program, making them easier to use.
  8. Muscle Group Emphasis: While the Male Physique Templates have options to emphasize certain muscle groups, their simple counterparts train the whole body evenly, making them better suited anyone looking to improve their body shape and overall fitness. 

Will these work in programs other than MS Excel?

This program is only fully supported in MS Excel 2016 or later versions. All features may not function properly on other spreadsheet programs like Google Sheets, Apple Numbers, free spreadsheet programs or older versions of Excel 


How / when will I receive my product?

All digital RP products can now be downloaded at the time of purchase, we no longer email them to you.

Confirmation emails are sent out shortly after your order is completed. Please be sure to check your spam, promotions, or updates folder as sometimes our emails are sent there.

Fun fact: You can re-download any product you've previously purchased from the Downloads page of your RP account portal (accessible once you log into your account).


Do you offer refunds?

There are no refunds on our templates or ebooks. All sales are final. No exceptions. 

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