How do I move macros to or from a desired meal?

Great news! With the most recent update (Version 1.19) we have introduced many new features. One of those features is the ability for users to move macros within the same day. This is a great feature for those of us who don't always have all meals according to plan, and may have to either borrow or give macros to a different meal. 

Here are a few common scenarios and how to use the app features. 

Scenario 1.
Perhaps you would like to have a smaller meal, like breakfast, and allocate the macros you don't eat at breakfast to a different meal. You can now do that! Please see the video below. 


Scenario 2. 
Do you have an event on Friday night with lots of delicious foods that you want to eat, but will go way over your macros? You can pre-plan such a day by reducing the size of the rest of the meals on that day, and allocate the macros to that feast! Please see the video below. 



Scenario 3.
This one is very common. Did you have a meal planned for a certain time, but then realized that you will be unable to eat this meal? In many cases, we might grab a protein bar or something small and quick to carry us over until we can eat again. The app now allows for such on-the-fly adjustments to get us through such changes. Please see the video below. 



Scenario 4. 
Have you ever found yourself with a meal coming up, and you did not plan the meal in advance? So as many of us do, you decide to grab a sandwich from a deli or a coffee shop. The app will allow you to find that item from our expanded restaurant list, and then adjust the macros so the meal will fit for your needs. Please see the video below. 



Scenario 5. 
Say you have all your meals pre-planned and ready to go, but a friend is inviting over for a snack or ice cream. Since we don't want to sacrifice our social life too much while dieting, the app now allows for adjustments to accommodate such additions. Please see the video below. 



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