How do I access my Level 1 Nutrition Course?

The RP Level 1 Certified Nutrition Coach class is finally here! We are all very excited for you to learn from the best in the industry! If you are unsure how to find your course, this tutorial is for you! 

1. Navigate to and click Join/Login at the top right of the page,

Note: You must log in with the same email address as the one you used when making the purchase. if you do not have an account, please create one with the same email address. This applies to users who chose to Sign In with Apple, Google, or Facebook. 


2. Click "RP ACADEMY" from the options at the top. 




3. Click "OPEN COURSE" 
     Note: if you do not see the option in the screenshot, and are taken to the Academy website, you are not logged in, or are not logged in with the correct email. Please see step 1. 


4. Once you agree to the terms on the waiver, you may begin the course! 
    Note: At this point, we recommend bookmarking this page for easy access next time! Don't forget to join the Facebook Group. And please be sure to check out this walk-through tutorial 

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