Viewing and editing PDF content on your mobile device.

Due to the limitations of certain mobile devices and browsers, some functionality will be missing. This article will help you view PDF documents, as well as complete and upload your workbooks on your iPad device. 

Viewing PDF Content
1. Tap on module to expand it.


2. Press and hold the item you wish to open to reveal the menu. Select "Open in Background"

Note: You can always choose to download the file to your device by clicking "Download linked File."  

Screen_Shot_2022-09-18_at_1.25.39_PM.png Screen_Shot_2022-09-18_at_1.26.57_PM.png

3. The PDF will now be opened in a new tab


Downloading, Completing, and Uploading Workbooks. 

1. Press and hold the item you wish to open to reveal the action menu. Select "Download linked File"


2.  Tap on the download icon at the top right of the browser, and select the document you wish to open. You can also access this document by going into the download folder on your device.
Note: On iPad devices, you will be able to fill out the PDF right on your device, however, that may not be the case on all mobile devices. 


3. Once the document has been filled out, it will need to be uploaded back into the system. From the main menu within a module, tap "Submit Your Completed Workbook"  On the next page, please tap "Add Submission"



4. Tap on Screen_Shot_2022-09-18_at_1.50.16_PM.png in the options to bring up the File picker. In the File picker menu select "Upload A File" and tap "Choose File" This will bring up the folder with the document you have completed. Select the correct document. 



5. Make sure the correct document shows up next to "Choose File" and tap "Upload this file" 




6. Review all the information and when ready tap "Save Changes". You will be taken to a screen to verify that the submission has been made.




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