Submit Your Transformation Success Story!

To all the members of our RP Family—we'd love to hear about how RP has helped you along the way towards your fitness goals. Please share your journey with us so that you can inspire others to better themselves!

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  • Keep your video within 30 and 90 seconds.
  • Speak in full sentences and include RP when sharing your story.

    For example, when sharing what you've learned from RP: “RP has taught me that there are no "bad" foods" instead of "I learned there aren't "bad" foods."
  • Use natural light wherever possible. If you’re indoors, try shooting your videos near a window. Avoid direct sunlight and harsh lighting to prevent shadows.
  • Make sure to frame yourself properly. You should have at least your whole head and shoulders in the frame. 
  • Please do not wear any clothing with brand logos as we'd love to share your story with others!

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